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Year of Production:
c. 1950

Place of Production:
United States of America

July 30, 2002


"SKLARCHROME/ MADE IN U.S.A."" incised on chest piece." "998.10.14" " printed by hand in black ink on one binaural. "

Bright chromed finish on stethoscope chest piece and binaurals; red rubber tubing; black synthetic ear tips; light brown diaphragm.

Also key material includes: chromium and synthetic (possibly)


Instrument used to amplify sounds from within the body especially used to listen to heart, pulse, breathing and lungs, so that they may be heard by the user.

Part of a large collection of medical artifacts, archival material and trade literature transferred from university health network. Originally owned and used by Dr. Tom P. Morley.


1998 – 2002
(Location: University Health Network (Academy of Medicine Collection))
1950 – 1998
(Involved People: Tom P. Morley; Location: Southern Ontario)
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