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Year of Production:

Place of Production:
Gaza, Palestinian Authority

February 03, 2017


2.5 cm height, 77.4 cm length, 7.1 cm width

Synthetic tubing, headset, and eartips with a metal spring. The stethoscope has translucent, colourless tubing, bright red synthetic headset eartubes with black synthetic eartips. The "Y" connector that leads to the headset is a bright green synthetic and the headset spring is silver-coloured metal.The chestpiece is made from a bright red synthetic with a translucent colourless diaphragm with black markings.

None apparent. On the diaphragm of the chest piece: "LITTMANN/ L/ QUALITY/ TM"/



Allows user to hear sounds from within the body. Especially used to listen to heart, pulse and lungs.

As part of the Gila project for Open Medical Devices, Canadian Physician Tarek Loubani and his colleagues developed this 3D printed stethoscope that was cheap and easy to produce, while having exceptional sound quality. They first made and used this stethoscope in Gaza, Palestinian Authority due to shortages of medical instruments.

The original, complete version was printed in Gaza in August 2015. This model is “red” (green Y-piece because the original broke quickly). This is the first complete stethoscope used in practice.

Glia Project team: Printed by Tarek Loubani, Mohammed Abu Matar, Mahmoud Al-Alawi. Designed and tested by Tarek Loubani, Jennifer Glauche, Kliment Yanev, Spencer Chambers.

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