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Stethoscope replica


Stethoscope replica

Year of Production:

Place of Production:

July 30, 2002


“981.20.1” printed by hand in white ink inside chest piece opening.

25.0 cm length, 3.7 cm diameter


Allows user to hear sounds from within the body. Especially used to listen to heart, pulse and lungs.

Part of a larger collection of medical artifacts, archival material and trade literature transfe+I18rred to CSTM in 2002 from the former History of Medicine Museum in Toronto, Ontario. This replica of the earliest wooden model was made in 1929, on the orders of Dr. Harold Segall. He based this model on one owned by William Osler that traced back to Laennec in 1825. Segall donated the replica to the History of Medicine Museum in 1981.

First monaural stethoscope invented by physician Rene Laennec in France in 1816: compact and rugged, the instrument greatly improved the physician’s ability to listen to internal body sounds. Monaural used exclusively c. 1820-1850 when binaural stethoscope introduced.

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