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Franz Max Osswald


Franz Max Osswald

Date of Birth:
August 18, 1879

Date of Death:
May 21, 1944



Franz Max Osswald, born in Winterthur, graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1905 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (E.T.H.). In 1924, he installed a laboratory for applied acoustics at E.T.H. After completing his habilitation in 1928, he served as the first acoustician at a polytechnic, teaching as a “Privatdozent.” Osswald described his discipline as an indispensable complement to architecture, technology, and hygiene. His development of a technique for sound photography for the purposes of room acoustics is considered one of his greatest achievements, alongside other measurement instruments such as the “Poch-Variator” (1935), an instrument producing strokes that can be assessed by ear.


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