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Material from the private estate of Anton Marian Springer

Collection Items

Material from the private estate of Anton Marian Springer

Curated by:
Fabian Voigtschild, Jonathan Sterne, Mara Mills

Located at
Private estate of Anton Marian Springer


written by Fabian Voigtschild, Jonathan Sterne and Mara Mills

The collection was digitized by Fabian Voigtschild, Jonathan Sterne, and Mara Mills. The set features a collection of material from the papers of sound engineer Anton Springers. The collection includes photographs, documents such as Springer’s contract with Eltro GmbH and an original patent document from the United States, and fourteen gramophone records owned by Springer, most of them published as supplements to Gravesaner Blätter. There are also three tapes with recordings made by Springer himself—two of experiments on the Acoustic Speed and Pitch Regulator, and one of Springer reading out a text on electronic information transfer and storage—as well as eight offprints of articles on information conversion and transfer that Springer published between 1953 and 1963 in the journals Umschau, Funkschau, FrequenzElectronische Rundschau, and Laryngologie, Rhinologie, Otologie und ihre Grenzgebiete. The collection is rounded off by four tape recordings of Springer’s spoken contributions at the Gravesano Conference in August 1961, provided by the Hermann-Scherchen-Archiv of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

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